This film shows the realities of homelessness and the incredible work that is being done by local organisations in Bath and North East Somerset to help.

A Roof Over My Head

Behind the beautiful Georgian facade of Bath and the stunning surrounds of Bath and North East Somerset, homelessness – or the threat of it – is a problem facing a growing number of people.


There are over 4,000 on social housing waiting lists in the region and house prices are 14 times average earnings. The issues go far deeper than the number of street homeless.


There are countless individuals sofa-surfing, families housed in B&Bs and others in unsuitable temporary accommodation. But, there is help available.


This film, funded by St John’s Foundation and created by Meaningful Films, shows the realities of homelessness and the life-changing work that is being done by local organisations to help.


We witness first-hand the difference that support staff and volunteers make to those struggling to keep a roof over their head.



"I'm so grateful to you for sharing this with me. It's a beautiful film, and a profoundly important one."

Barney Norris, award-winning playwright, poet and essayist

"I just want to congratulate and Thank You for producing such a fantastic film which highlights a massive issue in Bath but also shares some great stories of all the organisations who help. I feel the video really helped me understand even more the great work going on in this City."

Rob Burrows, Nationwide Bath

"Well done to everyone involved. What a compelling film. So wish I could have been there. It really does give an honest view of what so many people face day to day."

Ali Vowles, BBC Points West

"It’s worth viewing as a reminder of what’s going on to help the homeless in the Bath area. The film introduced us to men who had found a purpose in living after they’d been helped to find a home and to the young mums learning about cooking and childcare in a hostel that has been set up as a real home from home. There was also a timely reminder, as we stepped out after the screening into torrential rain, that nobody chooses to sleep on the streets. The film also showed us the hopeful side to stories. It showed us teams going out early in the morning to take coffee to rough sleepers, to chat to them and see what can be done to help. It showed volunteers filling bags with donated food for local families. And some of the people whose lives have been turned around spoke to camera, giving their names and so strengthening our connection to them."

Georgette McCready, The Bath Magazine

"Honoured to be featured in this documentary. Thank you to St John's Foundation and Meaningful Films."

Mercy in Action


"Such a moving film, showing all the work that's done to help people experiencing homelessness here in Bath & North East Somerset. We can't wait to show it to everyone. Huge thanks to St John's Foundation and Meaningful Films for such a wonderful evening."

Developing Health and Independence

"A massive well done to Meaningful Films for shedding some light on such an important issue in our society- incredible film!"

Southside Family Project

"What a great success raising awareness on an important issue we face which needs addressing, well done."

Community Volunteer Services, Bath


"We are pleased to be part of such a thought provoking film."

St Mungo's