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The Pros of using a Pro for your Videos

The Pros of using a Pro for your Videos

It’s a proven fact that Video is the way forward to promote yourself online and share what you do with the world - there is no quicker and easier way to do this. And here comes the but…

Have you uploaded a video to your company social media before? One that you have recorded yourself? Here are some reasons why it’s worth working with a professional videographer:

1. Where are you looking?

Staring down the lens of a camera has been compared with looking down the barrel of a gun by some of our clients. This is why we hardly EVER encourage people to speak to the camera. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea. For example, if you look terrified and you are looking directly at your viewer, they won’t be listening to what you are trying sell to them, they will be wondering why you look terrified. Engaging with someone and not having a script prepared allows you to come across naturally, in conversation with someone else, which means you are in conversation with your viewer. It’s almost as if the camera isn’t there!

Joanna Crosse will coach who will guide you through your interviewees, boosting your confidence and working on your interview techniques. We work together when interviewing for videos because we want to make sure that your video not only looks broadcast professional but that you are telling your story in a clear and understanding way. 

'92% of mobile video consumers share the videos they watch'

2.  What’s that terrible noise?

I believe that the sound in your video is just as important, if not more important than the visual. If your audience can’t hear what you are saying, then you have lost them immediately. Using a professional videographer allows you to use their amazing kit too which will help present you or your company in a better light.

3. Why are you blurry?

Using a professional videographer gives you the freedom to forget about what’s happening behind the camera and focus on your story. A videographer is there to ensure that your video is in focus and beautifully shot. Not only that, but filming from the correct angle is so important!

'1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos'

4. Location

Your location is really important too. Plonking yourself on a chair in the broom cupboard or in the office board room up against a blind can give a bad impression. Using a videographer means you’ll have a professional backdrop giving a high quality image of you or your company, and avoids framing your shot in front of something distracting. 

'80% of users recall a video advert they have watched in the last 30 days'

5. Lighting

It may surprise you to hear that lighting can transform a video. Using professional studio lighting will enhance your video and add that extra bit of professionalism. We bring the studio to you and set up in practically any available space!

6. But is it REALLY necessary to employ a videographer? 

Well, the simple answer is YES! Having a broadcast professional video on your website will set you aside from your competitors, not just because of the quality but because you have a video. The truth is, no one wants to read anymore and capturing your story in a short video will impress your clients, boost your sales and user activity.

'90% of users say that product videos are useful in the decision making process.'

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